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Welcome to Cafes For Nomads!

We started Cafes For Nomads because, like us, many other nomads were looking for great places to work with delicious coffee, fast internet and a comfortable environment.

Who are we?

Carlotta RebonatoI’m Carlotta: Italian on paper but nomad at heart. I’m a travel blogger and photographer trying to discover the whole world and, trust me, it’s not an easy task! Half the time Jarel is with me and the other half I’m by myself exploring. I’m not able to make travel plans so I never know where I’ll be tomorrow!

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Being able to travel and work from almost anywhere in the world is a pretty sweet deal, right? But, if you’re a digital nomad, you’ll know better than anybody else that it’s not always that easy. Our lifestyle can survive as long as we have a good internet connection—no internet, no party.

Not having a good connection means not getting work done, which basically means bye-bye digital nomad world. We aren’t speaking about a sketchy slow connection that takes 10 minutes to load a page, we are talking good speed to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Once the connection is sorted, we need some extras to be more productive. Comfortable seats and a quiet atmosphere can make a big difference. I challenge you to be able to think clearly when you’re sitting on a tiny little stool on the side of a busy street surrounded by honking, shouting and chaos.

In our attempt to work from different sides of the globe, we realized that good places to work from aren’t easy to find and there aren’t many tools that help us find what we needed. Of course there are lots of websites dedicated to cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc, but none of them focus on our necessities. When you’re a digital nomad and are close to a deadline, internet speed and working space become more important than food, service or anything else.

That’s why we created Cafes For Nomads: a listing of spaces rated based on their internet connection, noise levels, seating and other criteria that makes a cafe a perfect place to be productive. Of course we like good food and, in particular, coffee, so we take that into consideration but at a lower level.

Despite it’s very short build time, we’ve already received fantastic feedback and will continue improving the site towards easier discovery of quality cafes (or co-working spaces and restaurants) that are great working spots for our fellow nomads and travelers alike. Our current efforts are going into adding listings we discover through our travels and improving the usability of the site for ease of finding places near you. Following that (hopefully soon!) we will improve enabling people to share the great places they’ve found.

If you would like to contribute great places of your own or, if you’re an owner, get your place listed, submit a cafe here.

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