If you are walking down La Trobe street you can’t miss this place! A wide but short window, completely opens to show you the inside of this café. There are two small sized tables situated in the front, on a fake grass pavement, and to access to the main area you must go down a few stairs; the reason why this place is called Basement Café.

There are three tables on the footpath as well, if you want to smoke while enjoying your coffee. Both the seating outside and by the windows aren’t very comfortable to work with a laptop, especially if you want to eat at the same time. The best choice would be to sit inside but the internet connection loses the signal as you get further inside, so the first tables next to the windows are the best option.

There’s a wide selection of food for both breakfast (till 11.30) and lunch (till 15), all well priced and comprehensive with gluten free option as well. The fact that the main window is completely open makes this place a bit too noisy due to its location on La Trobe street, though there’s music in the background that tries to mitigate the noise of the cars.

The internet connection doesn’t require any password and it seems reliable—I had no problem with it during my stay—despite some speed tests showing indications of potential stability issues.

I would certainly come back to enjoy the food and the atmosphere, but working here could be a bit difficult unless you come to have a small meeting with co-workers or something.