Brother Thomas

Just in front of the Flagstaff garden, you can either sit inside or outside, where a couple of tables are set on the footpath. In a perfect location if you are staying at the Oaks on Williams hotel, just next door from this café.

Both service and food are good and fast. There are two different menus depending on if you come during breakfast ( 7-11) or for lunch (11-16). The place is listed in “The Specialty Coffee Book (Victoria)”, as they have different and particular brews. The best one seems to be The Father.

The best part of this place are the tables next to the wall: very large and comfortable, they make this place a good location if you need to come and use your laptop or just work on your documents while having some food. There are other seats on higher tables that can be good for working at your laptop while drinking one of the featured coffees, but the stools don’t make those seatings appealing for a long stay.

The atmosphere is relaxed, all the furniture and decorations are in a bright wood color and the light coming from the big glass wall that shows the Flagstaff garden is enough to make your eyes work comfortably, even on overcast days. There’s light music in the background that doesn’t disturb your work, and even at lunch time it doesn’t get too busy, so the noise is acceptable.

The internet connection is a plus, you just need to ask for the password at the counter and during your stay, which was reliable during my stay.