Casa Lapin X26

Casa Lapin X26 is a hip cafe, 5 minutes walk from Phrom Phong BTS station.  The area is quiet enough that you can have a sit outside without being in the middle of traffic.

The cafe is really spacious and it develop around the middle oval bar. There’s a good variety of sits as well: one big table close to the entrance, smaller tables with chairs on one side and sofas on the other. There is a connected room where you can find the restaurant and behind that a coo-working space. It’s not over yet! Casa Lapin is an hostel as well and offer both dorms and private rooms characterized by the same industrial style as the cafe. Basically you have all what you need in one place.

Unfortunately the  Wifi is available just for one hour at the cafe, so you might want to move to the coo-working space.

The coffee is made to perfection and you will also find a good variety of teas and other fruity delicious drinks, plus delicious cakes and a good variety of food.

This is not the only Case Lapin in Bangkok, there are other 3 branches in other parts of the city and they all have a similar style and environment, so you can find the closer one to you.

The place is beautiful and the atmosphere perfect, the only cons is the limited internet time.