Chuen Juice Bar

With its big glass windows and a minimal yet sharp decor, the Chuen Juice Bar feels like a trendy cafe in the corporate area of a big city. To make it feel even more like a business place it has an excellent, stable internet connection.

It’s a juice bar though, so it’s better if you get your caffeine kick from somewhere else and enjoy a fresh, healthy, sugar-free smoothie here. The absence of coffee, however, may not be your biggest problem: there’s a variety of seats, but most of them aren’t ideal for working long hours. The small sofas and stools without back support can be hard to deal with after awhile and the better tables can still be harsh on your back after a while (at least they were for me).

When I was there there wasn’t anyone else and it didn’t really look like a place that gets very busy, which might be good if you need some quiet to focus and get down to work. They also have a few plugs available and a small selection of snacks.