Coffee Monster

Coffee Monster is a co-working space and a cafe, meaning that there are nearly all the comforts of an office; plenty of plugs, fast internet, good sized tables and also areas where you can relax, including a few sofas and a hammock. Everything is surrounded by fluorescent walls and colorful abstract elephant paintings. There is a big table at the back, ideal for meetings, and a garden with a few seats and a few smaller tables.

There are people that come here every day, so if you want to find a community or find new colleagues, this is the place for you. Although, it seems most digital nomads want to leave the idea of an office and fixed working hours and experiment with something different, so this could feel like a ‘going back’ to a normal life. If that’s what you are looking for, this is the place.

The internet was fast and reliable when I was there but I have heard that is not always the case, depending on how busy it is. They serve food and coffee, but you might want to consider having your coffee somewhere else, the coffee I had was particularly bad.