Cozy Coffee & Bakery

This cafe is located outside the south walls of the city, in a street rich with hostels and backpackers, but the vibe is totally different from its surroundings. The cafe has a big garden with a fountain in the middle and white, romantic furniture that will make you feel you’re in a British garden more then a backpacker hub of Chiang Mai.

There are a few bigger tables outside but the majority of the seats are inside, where you will find two carefully decorated rooms with different sizes and heights tables. One of the rooms has big windows on the side to add a garden feeling, and both of them are really cozy. Yes, the Cozy Coffee and Bakery is all about coziness.

The wifi is fast and reliable and you have a discrete selection of food. The only fault of this place was the coffee during my visit; you might be better off getting a tea and having your caffeine hit somewhere else.