Food 4 Thought & Bay’s Cafe

Those 2 places are “same same but different”: they share the same space but one does coffee and the other food and they are a perfect combination. Located in a small quiet street out of the Old Town on popular Nimmanhaemin area, they have a nice garden and and inside area with a couple of sofa.

Being a bit out of the way makes the spot extremely quiet: zero noise from the street and not busy (perfect for Skype calls). Your only distraction will be Foxy, the newly arrived playful cat, but it’s a good one and everybody can use a little break!

Both food and coffee are excellent! Coffee-wise you won’t see an espresso machine as they use the more traditional technique of dripping the coffee and grinding the beans for each cup. It might take a little longer but it’s absolutely worth it. Their coffee is excellent!

The Wifi is free and very good. Overall a very good place for work.