Good Morning Chiang Mai

On the south of the Old Town, Good Morning Chiang Mai is a great way to start your day for sure. The place is big, quiet and has a lot of character with one seating area inside, spread across two floors and one outside in the beautiful shaded garden. In the garden there’s a swimming pool but I think that it’s reserved for the guests of the Inn with which it’s connected.

There’s background music and it can be a bit noisy when busy so it’s probably not ideal for Skype calls (unless there’s not many people). There are different seats, from wooden chairs to sofas. An interesting fact is that all the the pieces of wood used for the furniture aren’t new; being aged, with wonderful character and color.

Food and coffee is very good and you can find both Western and Thai. Internet is free and the download speed is very fast. There’s quite a few plugs inside and even a few in the garden area.

Overall, this is a great working spot!