Grey & Bliss

If you walk down Bay street, you’ll know for sure that this might be the right place to go for working with your laptop. At the door there’s a sticker that signals a free wifi connection, just ask the staff for the password. When I was testing the connection there were other 5 people, hands on a coffee, eyes on the screen of their computer, so that might be a reason why the connection was so slow.

You’ll likely find different wifi speeds depending on how many people are using it, but from what I’ve seen, people like to come here and work. If you are after a nice environment with a really good selection of food for breakfast or lunch, and you don’t need fast internet, this is might be the place for you.

There are tables outside and inside, both on high stools or normal chairs, the staff is nice and nobody cares if you stay for awhile despite ordering a single cup of coffee. There’s a few plugs available so it works well as a quick charging pit-stop if you’re in need while you enjoy your coffee.