Hairy Little Sista

Are you after unusual, colorful furniture and funky music to accompany your working time? Well, if you are at Hairy Little Sista, you have come to the right place!

Just ask for the wifi password from one of the smiley and friendly staff and you’ll get access to their, unfortunately, mediocre connection. However it gets a little better if you accompany it with the good and reasonably priced food that the menu offers. Many people come here just to share a cup of tea or coffee during a business meeting.

Comfortable couches, long and large tables inside and outside: there are plenty of seating choices in this beautiful café / restaurant. The music is a bit too high, but if you like the funky rhythm while working, you won’t be bothered much. I personally enjoyed my time here.

During weekdays it’s opened until 11 pm and Friday and Saturday until 3 am, but it can get busy after a few drinks at certain hours of the evening, so I’d suggest you to come here during daytime if you need a calmer environment.