Hana Zono Cafè

Hana Zono Café can be perfect or poor, depending on your luck. Located on a small street just behind Wat Suan Dok, the place itself is neat and quiet; so quiet that you feel like whispering so you don’t disturb other people working or studying around you. Skype might not be a great idea here.

The seating area is small with a big table, a counter with comfortable chairs, individual lights and plugs, and some very small tables with small stools that have no backs. If you can get the big table or the counter, they are pretty comfortable, like being at your own (small) desk. If those seats are taken and you get the small stool, it can get uncomfortable pretty quickly.

Internet is free but, again, the quality depends on your luck. I’ve been there a few times and it can drop from 25 to 1 Mbps download speed if people are downloading too heavily. So it depends on how many people are there and what they’re doing.

The coffee here is quite good and there’s a few snack options available. Overall it’s definitely worth trying. Worst case you can enjoy a well made coffee and go see the nearby temple (sunset is beautiful here!) over the white mausoleum of Wat Suan Dok.