ImmAim Vegetarian Cafè

Set in a quiet and breezy garden just outside Old Town, Imm Aim Cafè will help find your inner peace.

When I visited this place it was quiet and the few people that were there were enjoying the relaxing atmosphere with a book. The big trees in the garden provide plenty of shade, plus there are some fans to help you cool down from Chiang Mai’s heat. The relaxing atmosphere might be too relaxing for some and could make you want to read a book or go and take a nap instead of being productive. However, if that’s not the case, you’ll be happy to see the big western sized tables with comfortable seats.

They have a good selection of healthy vegetarian food plus tea, coffee and smoothies. The wifi is decent and there are a few plugs available so you’ll also be able to get work done if that’s what you’re after. Definitely a spot to try if you like extremely quiet gardens to concentrate or relax.