Rocket Coffeebar S.49

With its bright and airy space, Rocket Coffee Bar is one of my favorite place in Bangkok.

S. 49 is one of the 3 branches in Bangkok and has a clean and new design that make it very interesting. The decor play around light colors, blue and white in particular, giving a very fresh and modern look. But we are not here for the design, even if it’s a big plus, so let’s move on.

The ground floor, which is the bigger one, has different seating options: some big tables, counter style, and other smaller one with sofas on one side and a wooden chair on the other. The small tables are easy to move, in case you are a big group and the big one are taken. Upstair there are some more cozy seats with sofas and there is a balcony that overlooks the underneath room, so that you can see the bar from the top. Very nice setting indeed and comfortable space.

It get busy at lunch time, but it’s not too noisy and never messy, at least when I was there.

Food and coffee are both excellent. The menu reflect the vibe of the place: original and fresh; and the coffee is very good.

There is a table outside as well, but it’s on a carpark so it didn’t look very appealing.

Internet is fast enough and reliable. Overall is an superb place for a brunch or a work meeting and a good place to work from.