The Hideout

Just outside the East part of Old Town, The Hideout is a small, simple place but full of flavor. It’s located on a smaller street so although it has an open front with a few tables outside, it’s still quiet enough. The tables outside are very small and low, but inside you will find higher and more workable seating.

The style is a little impersonal and cold but the food is absolutely delicious! They mainly serve sandwiches and bagels, which are very filling and very tasty. I had a salmon and avocado bagel and my salivation increases every time I think about it.

The internet is free but slow and a bit inconsistant. Overall it’s not a great working spot if you need fast or reliable internet, but if you just need to catch up on some email or other basic things for a few hours then you can do it from there while enjoying some awesome food.