The Larder Cafe & Bar

This small cafe in Nimmanahaeminda area serves superb food that combines fresh ingredients and an original menu. The coffee is as excellent as the food but, unfortunately, work wise it’s not the best. The cafe is small and cozy, which creates a nice atmosphere, but the small tables and the lack of seats can be problematic if you need to work.

The Larder Cafe is popular and can get very busy, which means that you might have to sit on the counter where there isn’t space for your laptop. Even if you get one of the slightly bigger tables, keeping it busy for a long time after your meal will make you feel guilty.

The connection is pretty good and is stable so it can still be a very good start for the day, just go early in the morning so you can have a big enough table and get something done while you eat your awesome breakfast.

Also, be aware of the opening hours: the kitchen closes at 2 pm (even though the cafe closes at 3pm) and they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.