Urban Express

Free wifi and a bar in the open space of a beautiful lobby of this building on Collins street would make this place very appealing for a stop by during your lunch or coffee break. But, unfortunately, that’s about all because despite having a free wifi connection, it only lasts for 90 minutes and the speed is next to unusable. The place, therefore, is only good for working offline or as a meeting place.

The good part comes in terms of food and seating. There’s a good selection of pre-cooked food or the possibility to create a sandwich with a wide range of fresh products. There are various tables and, even at rush hour, you can find a place to sit and open your laptop. The most comfortable options are the sofas with low tables, especially if you come here to have a small meeting with your colleagues with a coffee.

The place is quiet overall and the only noise that you hear is the water flowing in the lobby, which gives the impression of working next to a waterfall; there isn’t even music in the background.